Thursday, 7 January 2010

Sweet Julie

When you say crazy sweet fashion and cool music try to listen to YELLE, Exclusive interview with Julie Budet
MW: How was your first concert? what did you feel about it?
JB: The first show was crazy! I remember that was in october 2006 in a club in Paris called "Le ParisParis" and we were really excited but scared too! Before the show i though "if the show is fine and fun i continue to sing, if it's too difficult i stop" and it was incredible!

MW: Tell me more about your new song
JB: We are at the beginning of the process so for the moment i can't talk about it, it's too soon...

MW: you worked with Fatal Bazooka in 2007, how was it for you?
JB: It was very funny and happy. Mickaƫl Youn, who play the character of Fatal Bazooka, is a very talented guy. It was very interresting to work with him and his crew. ANd the result, the song and the video clip were a big success in France!
MW: who inspires in music?
JB: I'm listening lots of stuff since i'm a little girl, but i'm a big fan of Talking Heads, Depeche Mode, KAte Bush, Prince, and more... And today i'm listening french pop music from the 80's, new Britney Spears for example, very different style of music

MW: who is/are your favorite artist/band?
JB: I don't know! it's a too hard question..

MW: what fashion means to you?
JB: it means "keep everything you have" cause fashion is an eternal recurrence at old fashion. Fashion means to me to feel good in what your wear!

MW: what is your top fashion brand?
JB: i'm a big fan of Jeremy Scott, JP Lespagnard, JC de Castelbajac, Brian Lichtenberg, and more, i can't choose

MW: how was your tour in North America?
JB: Incredible! We met so happy, funny, crazy people, it was the best experience in my life!

MW: what did you feel when you were performing in last call with Carson Daly
JB: I was so proud! and very impressed! It's not easy for a french band to be on american TV because the language can be a problem but we know that american (north america and south america) are really open to our music and it makes me really happy for the future album.

MW: is your music based as Nu-Rave?
JB: Our music is based on Pop music, rock music, 80's sound and moreIt's a mix of our 3 different musical culture (Grandmarnier, Tepr and me) so nu-rave seems to be not enough to describe our sound!
Interviewed: Maha Wanyan

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