Thursday, 4 February 2010

Exclusive Interview with Dorian Dumont from "The Teenagers"

Maha Wanyan: Hello Dorian nice chatting, I would love to ask you some questions.. I hope not to bother you...
Dorian Dumonnt: Hello, no its fine don't worry

MW: What made you to be a rocker?
DD: KURT COBAIN (Nirvana lead singer)

MW: As you are French band, Why you are singing English Language?
DD: All the music we listen to is in english, since we are kids so we cant really think about singing in english, its natural for us.

MW: How did you make the band? And how did you meet the boys?
DD: I know them both since like 15 years now and we are school friends. We started this band as a joke at xmas 2006 and we just wanted to write a funny song.

MW: Do you have plans to be in Middle East as tour?
DD: No plans for Middle East i am affraid, we would love to be everywhere in the world, just didnt have an offer for that part yet.

MW: What's new for The Teenagers?
DD: We are now writing new songs, and its taking time, we kinda have the pressure of the second album; you know. But its going well and we are happy with the songs so you will be able to listen to new material very soon.

MW: Do you care about Fashion?
DD: Not really....

MW: Do you think Fashion turns to Indie Style?
DD: I personally dont really have a think about i dont know if it turns into indie...sorry

MW: What's your favorite Fashion Brand?
DD: GAP...just kidding

MW: What would you like to say to your fan?
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