Saturday, 13 February 2010

TeenAge Lovers

Yousef is wearing Shirt and Hat all from H&M. Sara is wearing Fred Flare Glasses, TopShop blue Stripes Cardigan, Bangle, colorful dress and bag all from Forever 21.

Sara is wearing Zara Jacket and TopShop Red Stripes Top. Yousef is wearing H&M Blue Stripes Top.

Sara is wearing Blazer and dress all from TopShop, red Headband from Monsoon and black bag from Forever 21. Yousef is wearing his own Blazer, grey Hat, grey Pant and white Shirt all from H&M.

Models: Yousef & Sara
Photographed by: Maha Wanyan
Graphic: Naif Al Thuwaini
Make-up: MAC


  1. Nice photoshoot :)
    My two favorite photos are the 3rd and the 6th. I loved the sun light on the 3rd one and the colors in the 3rd photo. I liked the pose of the guy in photo 6 and the background is great! Also, I loved the glare of the sunlight in the 2nd photo.
    My only criticism, is that I wish all the photos have the same sense of Lighting.
    Oh and I loved the first and third outfits!
    Great job Maha :)


  2. Thanx Sweety, u always support me bff

    Maha xoxo

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