Monday, 10 May 2010


Read The a little conversation between JoJo and SoSo are gossiping about their Frienmy Cookie, broadcasting by BB at PINK Berry:
JoJo: wai ge6a3 shofay meno yay SoSo?
SoSo: Meno? ween?
JoJo: la tetlafteen... Adez lich bc
SoSo: oki
JoJo: 3eshtaw, hathy Cookie mn meta ba3ad e3refat PINKBERRY?
SoSo: Ge6aaaaaa3.....
JoJo: wei wei sektay yat 9obnaaa... la et6al3enhaaa....halgya ya rabii
Cookie: Chaw, banat shlonkoom?
SoSo & JoJo: ahlain ....
SoSo: uff mo wagt'haa, la eshofna a7ad :@

That what happens everyday, waiting for your turn to order.... If you want to be classy go and eat yougort from PinkBerry then broadcast gossips by BlackBerry.
But ICON says; to be more classy, you should be more simple.... Do what you really like not people like. It doesn't matter to be more fashionable, as long as you are unique, simple and more gentle....
You don't have to eat yougert every saterday at PinkBerry and you don't have to buy blackBerry to impress people. Simple more Classy.
So what can we say? It's new wave in Kuwait called "PINK BLACK BERRY", that happends every Saterday...

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