Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Karl Who?

Sir "Lagerfeld" with Yousef Al Taher in Paris

Interview with the leader of fashion, Sir "Karl Lagerfeld"

Zoey: What do you think of today’s Man bags...
Karl: "I Love them"

Z: What do you think of The Economy...
K: "Horrible but healthy..."

Z: what do you think of size 0 models…
K: "lets take care of the zillion too fat before we take care of the percentage that's left."

Z: what do you think of The badly dressed...
K: " I don't judge people. I think they were in 7th heaven when they bought that shit, its not up to me to judge...I am blind to that."

Z: Blackberry or iPhone...
K: "iPhone"

Interviewed By: Zoey Ru Yi Koay


  1. WOW! I can't believe you have actually met Karrrlll! OK, now I'm jealous :P
    No just kidding :) LOVing the recent posts.